by Kalae Nouveau

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sassySAS First heard this badass Femme-cee singing with Charlene Kaye, had to check out the rest of her stuff. This record is all kinds of awesome, my "favorites" keep cycling from one song to the next. Favorite track: O.G.LYRIKALBOOKBAGGER feat. Homeboy Sandman.
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released March 17, 2010

Recorded by Executive Producer Princess Superstar at the House of Birds

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Kalae Nouveau New York

Kalae Nouveau (formerly known as Kalae All Day) is a singer/songwriter/emcee. Kalae at times describes herself as ‘neo-soul’ or ‘hip hop’ but in reality she supersedes all genres, so it therefore made sense for her to create her own genre, one which truly defines who she is, Kalae Nouveau is; Afromatic-neo hippie-rockstar-soul music... Read her FULL bio on her website ... more

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(Kalae: i should stop frontin/dont front girl/hey what'd you say?
Princess superstar:tell me about your boy problems kalae: my boy problems.. i got a lot of boy problems.. i wish i had man problems but no i have boy problems)

Uh, I met this dude lets call him "A"/I met him on a Wednesday enthralled by Saturday/Our astrologics were aligned we argued and we played/But home girl got attached too fast and boy got scarred away..
So there's this brutha I call "B"/He bagged me in the baddest way i bled away from he/As soon as blues from the bruises left from me/He brought them back with vengeance/Bigger and more brutally..
See "C" was cleverly encased/Constantly like cat and mouse the feline do the chase/My calisthenics tired out the chic felt out of place/This couldn't be the course of we/I didn't like, I didn't like the taste..
"D" what do I say?/We did the do demandingly at least 3(tree) times a day/He made me damsel in distress that dude, he didn't play/And damnit, the diameter would dry my tears away..
You see, "E" was exemplary/"F" didn't give a F***/All game was "G"/"H" needed hired help/"I" lacked intellectually/ "J" and "K" were joking/ "LMNOP" didn't mean a thing..
Now "Q" should have been preceding "T"/There is no need for you to question he was a QT/He put in work so he would qualify for TLC/But damnit, he was quicker than a picker upper G..
"R" was enraged at all rates/"R's" hate would radiate/Personal rain cloud had him irate/I couldn't even repeat a second date..
But "YES YES YES!" is all I could say about "S"/He was surely the best of the best/Satisfying every single test/But I was stupid then/So as usual I made a mess..
"T" tracked me down he was fantasizing/Told me 6 feet tall is tantalizing/He's too cute to boot/I aint gonna size him/Until he stood up and I could still see horizon..
"U" was useless/"V" had a vendetta/"W" was whack/"X" wasn't much betta/"Y" was too young and as for "Z?"/Well he ended up Zingle, just like me..

(Kalae: Just like me, just like me.. and just like C. Just like you [uh, C-UNIT] I get lonely too)